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We seek out the best rental properties on the market to offer them to you. We work with you in finding, securing and maintaining while in one of our listed properties.  And when you are ready to buy, our sister company has you covered! Ready to get Started?



    All applicants should confirm you meet the basic criteria prior to applying. Some properties may have additional qualifications to meet their rental requirements.

    We work to keep the GEU rental process simple. Property owner’s select us to handle their tenant management needs and we work with you to complete the rental process on their behalf. We provide you with the owner’s criteria to review when applying to rent a property so that you can be prepared. We suggest you ask any questions you may have before applying. Please note that multiple applicants are screened for a property prior to selection and only completed applications with supporting documentation required will be considered.

    GEU reserves the right to deny applications, at any point in the process if there is cause to believe an applicant cannot or will not comply with rental agreement, follow the rules of tenancy or does not meet the required tenant qualifications.

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    At Genesis Enterprises Unlimited, we work to ensure we off tenants simple means of accessing tools and resources to make sure you have a easy rental experience!

    Tenants have access to us 24/7 via our online tenant portal and website to submit any maintenance requests, pay rent, or request resource information.

    We love to hear feedback from our residents, so drop us a line, anytime.


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    At GEU, we provide tools and resources to make your time with us comfortable and rewarding.

    Landlords can only enter a renter’s unit under a few circumstances. Typically, property owners or managers can only enter a residence if:

    • They need to check for possible repairs or fix something
    • There is an emergency that affects the tenant’s unit or the entire property
    • The tenant’s lease will end soon and the owner wants to show the unit to prospective renters

    Additionally, landlords may be allowed to enter a unit (depending on local and state laws) if a renter has been absent from their unit for an extended period of time – often, seven days or more.

    As a tenant you are also granted the right to live in a clean, safe and healthy environment. Here at GEU Property Management are here to keep the properties in top shape. Should you as a tenant deem a living space unfit due to illegal activities taking place at a property or health issues surfacing, you may have the legal merit to file a complaint against the owner. We will do all we can to Remedy the living conditions for a safe a pleasant living experience.

    Our property management team is here to ensure a residence is kept in quality shape, property owners can avoid any problems from occurring with renters leasing their units.

    Another reason why renting a property that’s ran by a property management company is the maintenance and upkeep at a residence and dealing with repairs. Plumbing, electrical and other similar issues often arise at apartments. Having a management team in place to handle these problems can keep a property in shape, functioning and looking good. At the same time, taking care of these tasks for tenants is mandated by law.

    Anytime a renter requests repairs and maintenance in their unit for appliances or utilities that came with the apartment, owners are obligated to enter the unit and ensure everything is working properly for the tenant.

    Rules and regulations regarding disabled renters and how property owners must accommodate them have evolved in recent years. Landlords are not allowed to ask if someone is disabled during the application process. Additionally, should a disabled person move into one’s unit, the owner may have to make a residence’s conditions more livable for the renter, within reason.

    Anytime a renter requests repairs and maintenance in their unit for appliances or utilities that came with the apartment, owners are obligated to enter the unit and ensure everything is working properly for the tenant.